CPI Inflation data - MoM

@ShubhS9 can your team collect and update the CPI data points & metrics every month?

we could use this forum to widen our research


Yes. We will, @viswaram :slight_smile:

Absolutely. That’s the ultimate purpose of this forum. Thank you for bringing this up and please do share your comments/suggestions regularly so that we can improve the quality of content here.

Adding to what @Meher_Smaran said, you can also check all the data on IndiaDataHub: https://indiadatahub.com/


https://tradingeconomics.com/ - This is a treasure of economic information.

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This data isnt free is it?

i was looking for someone posting the CPI scoring points impartially on a monthly basis. The discussion forum will help members to upvote or downvote the accuracy of the reported data

Where would this CPI data help? Can you infer something from it and use it in trading?

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Yes inflation will definitely help for trading decisions in bear markets

In bear market, the general consensus is bearish, so there will be more shorts than longs and this is visible from option chain? Is it not?

i personally dont feel that information can be deciphered from the option chain.

you mean the open interest ?

Yes OI. Is it not? Does it not tell the general mood of the writers?

Will start doing this from the next data release onwards.

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will need to bring in other option chain experts to comment on this.

as far i know, the traded volume is what we can read. We wouldnt know if the bias was buying or selling.

PCR - put call ratio on the other hand will show the anomaly and bias. But i personally dont use this data for trading

Yes I am talking about that, where OI is high and where it is low and PCR.

I have never heard of traders seeking CPI data, so asked.

yes there is correlation. what follows period of high inflation are high interest rates.

high interest rates encourage people to switch money from equity to debt.

so if CPI data cools, we can assume interest rate rising will end.

Yes, I have heard of this in the context of investing but not in the context of derivatives. But high inflation is not new to the market, and liquidity has increased these past few years, so you plan to cut down the lot size if CPI remains high and increase if CPI cools down?