CPR Scanner results?

Hello @Streak @Hitesh_Streak

I have created a CPR scanner with the following conditions, but the results aren’t matching…all my other scanners are working perfectly fine. So just guessing if ive made some mistake.

Kindly guide me on this


Kindly note that the scanner with the mentioned conditions was created and the results were checked on charts and they seems to be working absolutely fine. However, below are some points to be noted while using CPR on charts.

  1. As you know the CPR consist of 3 line PP,BC and TC. However, the PP line is the Central line, the BC and TC line can be placed above or below the PP depending on the calculation. Hence, assigning different colors for BC and PP will help in analyzing the results. Say for example, consider the 10 mins charts of Bank of Baroda, on 27th June 2022, the CPR plot was TC > PP and BC < PP. But on 28th June 2022, BC > PP and TC < PP. Refer image below:

  1. As per your requirement, Open is lower than CPR(BC) and Close is higher than CPR(TC), Bank of Baroda is meeting the requirements and is picked from the scan results. It can be seen from the image below, the open is lower than BC and Close is higher than TC.

Hope this helped