Creating Custom Scanners on Streak

I was just trying out the new scanner on Streak. Very excited since it has all the advanced functions to create my scans! I m specifically excited to look at the period min and period max functions. I have created by scan to filter socks breaking the highest high in last 14 days. Was wondering about other creative scans that can be created using period min, period max function and math operators. Has anyone created any more innovative scans?


Hi @Renko_Jhunjunwala, thank you for your kind words!

The conditions you have used in the scanner is not as your your requirement. You need to put in the below conditions to find stocks above 14 days Highest high.

Hope this helps.

@Krishnendu please help I want a very big red candle, how to do in scanner?

@30maarkhan To scan for a red candle, you need to use the below mentioned condition

Open higher than Close

If you want to scan for a specific candle pattern, you can also use pre built candle patterns in the indicators field.

Also if you have a specification about how big the candle should be, you can put that conditions in Streak scanner as well i.e. by mentioning the difference between Open and Close.