Creating futures watch list for next expiry

Zerodha has recently increased the number of stocks per watchlist to 40, which is great. But my sincere feature request would be to continue the futures watchlist to be automatically created for the next series. For example: If I have a futures contract SBIN SEP 18 futures added to my watchlist, when the September contract expires, it should automatically add SBIN OCT 18 futures. Or at least give users an option to add next month contracts automatically. Its cumbersome to add next month expiry contracts manually considering there could potentially be 100s added in the watchlist. Looking for a fast implementation please.

Yes this will be a very useful feature. Or we can have a generic name for a future contract that can be added similar to the way we have in tradingview website(latest contract in the front). @Nitin please consider this for your product release pipeline. It’ll greatly help traders/scalpers.