Creating the Multi screen trading workstation

How can we setup a multi screen trading workstation in zerodha kite (Web Platform), what are the required hardware and what are the reliable sources to buy those hardware (To load different charts, analysis, news at the same time without switching the tab each time)

@ASHISH_SINGH You want this setup for personal use or on commercial basis?

To Do this all you Need is Multiple Monitors.
You can Buy 2 TFT,LCD,LED SCREEN and CONNECT Them to your Laptop Or Desktop.

or If you have a smart TV you can also create multiple screen By just connecting Your Laptop or Desktop using HDMI cable.

For personal use

You don’t need special set up from kite. Just open on browser say Chrome. Then add stock to watchlist. When you click on any stock right side on same machine it will open chart. There is one option to open chart in pop-up. Click on that and just drag that chart window to another connected machine or smart TV. Same way you can follow for different stock.

Thanks, @sumit_singh12 @paragpatil :slight_smile::upside_down_face:

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In regular Desktop or laptop you can connect two monitors at one without any additional hardware…To add 3rd monitor you need to install either new graphic card or you can buy usb 3.0 to hdmi cable from amazon…Simple…

I am using 4 monitors from 2009…now got tired of it and sold all coz i am no more a day trader or short term trader.