Crossmargin For positional trade

Dear experts,
I’ve a question about cross margin for positional trade (a F&O position held for approx.7 days).
Kite shows below final margin (pls see image)

But i have a doubt in that.
The margin shown in kite is for single day or for positional?
should i pay original margin or cross margin (i.e. final margin shown in image), if position will be held for 7 days but squared offed before last 6 days to avoid any delivery process.
please clarify,

To execute all the orders in the basket, you will need the required margin displayed in the basket. Once all the orders are executed, the margin blocked will be according to the final margin figure.

You will need the final margin for positional trades as well. Though the margins are dynamic and can change according to change in price and volatility. Also, in the basket order sequence, if you place an order for buying options first and then for futures and short option positions, this will reduce the required margin as well.

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Thank you for quick reply sir,
In simple words, roughly we can say that, i can hold these position for 7 days, if i maintain 1.5 lakh - 1.8 lakh free balance in ledger.
(By assuming that, no margin will increase in these days). isn’t it?

Right :slightly_smiling_face:

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