Crude Oil Chart Diary - wyckoff price cycle

I am following wyckoff price cycle , I will be sharing my lines based on it , usually price travels between these lines.

Note : this is not trading recommendation.If you have doubt in wyckoff price cycle you can post here.

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You can see how price reacted near thes lines.

May be you should say what is wyckoff cycle and how to read it and interpret.

I am waiting for some good accumualtion / distribution … to explain… volatile recently due to news.

Can we implement this in stock market?

Yupe it works everywhere , if you ask for some stocks , I will expain

Check with LIC Housing Fin. 15m chart. Also explain how you draw levels so we can get clear idea.

as i told I draw lines based on high volume , using volume profile… just see where lots of volume occurs…

From my green line I drew yesterday.

As I told yesterday it happend , price went up