Crude Oil & Natural Gas

I want to know about where I can get news on Crude Oul and Natural Gas. Also what time does this news come?

Good place to track commodity news:

1. Commodities in General

2. Specific to Crude

3. Calendar for Inventory release and others that can have impact on price movement. 

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every week wednesday us release inventary report of crude oil…and thusday natural gase report …u can check it out timings in, www.investing .com in that economic calender tab u can check…but dont trade news on crude oil because when the inventary report release there is no high impact is happen in crude…where is in natural gas inventary report have high impact …but u should be very careful on that time ,with in 30 minitues ,even with in five minitues it will move upto 30 points …after the release …that time the execution is also some time not happen

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Hi Renjith,

General I am using below mention website for Crude Oil and NG


You can use below links to get the news on crude oil &

Also below are the events which you may keep track of

U.S. API Weekly Crude Stock -

U.S. Crude Oil Inventories -

U.S. Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count -

IEA monthly reports

OPEC monthly reports

Crude inventory details come on Wednesday at 8 pm India time and Natural gas on Thursday at 8 pm India time.
Better avoid these times and not have any position , it gets very volatile during this time. The prices settle after 2-5 minutes. Just watch a few sessions at 8 to get a hang of this behavior and you will be stunned by the volatility