Crypto Platform

Which one could be the best and also trusted platform to buy the Cryptocurrencies in India ?
Tell me the few and also let me know the one which you use currently.

I recently sold my bitcoin holdings via WazirX before the crypto ban comes. The process was easy enough and KYC took a day or two… I didn’t really compare it in detail but it looked like one of the reputable exchanges so sold them there.

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But still wazirx accepts new users and i guess everything is going fine …right?

Looks like they are accepting new users, I sold a few months ago and everything was fine… got money in my bank account directly.

The crypto ban is speculation due to leak of a draft law which prohibits every crypto which is not approved by the state.

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Wazirx is good but has lot of fees and minimum withdrawal limits, I prefer coinswitchkuber more as it doesn’t have much fees, easy to setup(account activation in 15 mins) , trusted and good from investing perspective.

Here’s the link if you want to explore -

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