Crypto traders raise your hands

Let’s find out how many of us are interested and are actually trading crypto …let’s be frank with each other so that we can consult further and help each other grow

i am here

+1 me too

Some questions to crypto traders:

What sites do you use?
Do you worry about government may ask you about the transactions?
How much capital did you start with?
What’s the fees of the exchange like?
What systems do you use for trading cryptos?

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I do agree with newguy and source of CRYPTO, whats their service or product that they are providing, if anyone can breifly explain me. What does I get in return investing in cryptocurrency.

Already made my mind about cryptocurrency long back, although answer was about Bitcoin but I feel all Cryptocurrency are in same category.

I am using mainly big crypto exchanges and not local one, I am really worried that government may really ban them and that’s it. No matter how you put it, thanks in advance for letting me know all this stuff. What you will get ? Headaches in return;)