Cryptocurrency/ Bitcoin A Ponzi scheme

Bit coin or Cryptocurrencies are big bubbles/fraud , like Sub prime during the period of 2008, i am tracking about burst of these online fraud , people are crazy about Bit Coin especiealy Americans, it may affect due to American biased Indian people also.
Here is one link about these Fraudes

Two are mutually exclusive, it’s very dangerous to generalize everything. I had written something similar, see if it makes sense.

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Why i have written about Bit coin is that , these Bit coin/ cryptocurrency’s are 2 sides of the same coin ,
Chinese banned this digital currency’s and also now they are controlling online lending comparable to India’s Payment banks ( One day these payment banks collapses!!!) chances of interlinking of Bit coin.( here is the link

yes people are crazy about Bitcoin(Market Cap as on today, $135,953,977,390). Yes it could be banned by other Govt as well. But the technology behind it Blockchain is there to stay(Even SBI is looking for a own blockchain and cryptocurrency). Axis bank already have a global payment system via a cryptocurrency. So not all cryptocurrency’s are fraud and they are there to stay in the world.

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RBI one of the best institution of India , Maintained its best status , even being envy of America ( American / IMF sent their agent RR to RBI )
has warned about Bitcoin/ Crypto currencies see the link

@q45 As RPI warned , Bitcoin moved another 10 % , Moved from 11 K to 13 K in last 24 hours.


Yes ,correct, it will keep on going, but this will not be a problem for Indians, But definitely a problem for crazy gringos

Majority of the Spectators wants to have a taste of it but are still skeptical about the Bitcoin craze.

We are all waiting for confirmation, and finally when we decide to act it will at the top of the bubble.

SIMPLE Investor psychology.

Higher RISK = Greater Reward.

Less RISK = Mediocre Returns.

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And probability :slightly_smiling_face:
Higher Risk = Greater Reward = Sudden Death
Less Risk = Mediocre Returns = Low Chest Pain

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Bitcoin Crossed 16 K USD…

The day I will Buy Bitcoin it will fall Drastically. :joy:




Bitcoin is one instance of cryptocurrency. In market there are others as well. Cryptocurrency definitely have a big future ahead. But I doubt it is for Bitcoin.
There is one more cryptocurrency called dash . I am expecting similar thing like to be emerge in upcoming future.
One thing I will like to add is people are only buying Bitcoin hoping that one day they will sell it at higher price.
But the purpose of Bitcoin was exchange of money between two peers. At the end person holding it will suffer the most.

The majority of Bitcoin holders are hackers, technical experts and businessmen. These people won’t let the bitcoin fall too much.
Some brands in USA are looking to introduce bitcoin futures. One big name is Morgan Stanley. 40000 mark looks very possible at the end of 2018.
China recently took some action on bitcoin which led to some fall. However, very quickly, bitcoin recovered itself. I think one can invest a low amount like 10-20k which he/she can afford to lose.

Just a fact:
Rs. 60000 invested in bitcoin in 2013 is worth more than 6.5 crore today.

By announcing about Bitcoin regulation , Finance Ministers clarified about Bitcoin , and here is the link about after that