CSV Upload facility to watchlist

In the next version, can you add the feature of uploading CSV to Watchlist. It will help improve productivity of users as entering instruments to watchlist is time consuming


@siva @nithin Please consider this.

Also, can you consider treating Holdings and Positions also as a smart/virtual watchlist. I really want to cycle through my holidings/positions and check the charts. Currently I have to pound a lot on the keyboard to get this job done. Ideally, Holidings and Positions become one of the virtual watchlists (say 6th and 7th) and the moment I select an item, I can click on the chart and I can cycle through without changing the screens.

I can’t do this in Holidings/Positions without clicking multiple keys and screens.

One can add holdings to one market watch and do the same, will check if we can give option to load holdings at once to marketwatch. Positions are short term so one will add to marketwatch.
Also we have plans to increase watchlist number to 10 from current 5.

Copying them one by one is painful so a filter or automatic view will be great. Once in Watchlist view, I can cycle through charts for each. It’s very laborious right now from holdings window.

You add only one time and the watchlist stays.

I am a swing trader - this is not a constant list. It will be really useful if you allow Direct Chart from Holdings/Positions just like you do for watchlists. Or allow users to see holdings as watchlist so its easier to cycle thr charts

I buy long term options so positions are not short term. Please @siva and @nithin - consider allowing charts or allow holdings/positions as watchlist. Its a pain if you have 20 odd positions and holdings. You aleady have this ability - it’s a simple backend trick.

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I believe if one has positions means one will have on marketwatch. Can create holding watchlist for once and keep it.

Said that will check if it is possible to add holdings to watchlist in one shot also we are planning to increase watchlist to 10.

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@siva Please consider adding the CSV upload functionality to the watchlist. Increasing the number of watchlists from 5 to 7 is good but having upload functionality makes life a lot easier. Unnecessarily people are paying tradingview money to do this. If you make this a paid feature also, people will pay for it believe me. For swing trading this is essential (for those who don’t have amibroker with live datafeed)


I scrape data from a different website into an excel sheet and do some studies in the excel and end up with anywhere between 20 - 50 stocks whose charts I trade regularly till the next quarter. Ofcourse its a one time task for me to create this watchlist but ability to upload a csv would be great.