Cummulative Data back test P&L computation logic

I see following as my back test results

Initial capital = 1000000
Cumulative Data -back test P&L = 127270 (+1.51 %)
Timeframe = 1Month

A) How is P&L pct = 1.51%?

P&L/InitialInvetment = 127270/1000000 = 12.7%

Am i missing something?

@Streak can you.

P/L per stock is calculated as (P/L)/Max investment duringing the backtest. Here Initial capital is not considered. Initial capital is a hypothetical maximum capital required for taking all positions. So you can download the backtest tradelog and check this.

its difficult for us to analize the results that way, can u plz provide more stats in results.

This method will give a safer p/l.

What stats are you looking for?