Curious to know how different traders start their trading day? Am sure it plays a big role. Hoping traders here can comment and if possible give some background around how it helps them

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I sleep really well, I am up only at 8am, then get ready by 8.30am, then meditate for 10 mins, and then eat breakfast and all set by 9 am.


To be frank,i log into the trading terminal at 11.30 and look for trading opportunities if not getting then again open at 1.30 and look for opportunities,if i get ill trade and make the between time answering the qna site,youtube.


I find this software very useful to start trade. Read their blog

I have my own Excel sheet which gives light to my Nifty option trade. Its not automated and I have to enter 9-10 values in the morning. Hence I start by 9am.

I trade in Nifty and after seeing my Excel’s recommendation to buy which strike rate’s call/put, i usually enter into trade at open price or below open price. I have got entry/exit price and if the option prices are going down, i usually buy on every entry price levels. Usually my Excel sheet shows correct options (CE or PE) and indeed I face some difficulty on a trend reversal day. For that I have set 3 day EMA, SMA & Avg(EMA,SMA) and in April contract, trend reversal was recognized faster. If either EMA or SMA is hit, Average of EMA&SMA will hit. But note that its not always necessary for EMA and SMA to hit together. But the Average will hit if either on any hits.

Trend reversed on 15-Apr and my Excel was showing BUY CE in the morning. Anyways after price falling from 8873 to 8790, I got confirmation for a trend reversal and I started to exit all CE and bought PE.

Curious, do you do any kind of study before market opens? Just wanted to know.
I mean like global situation, Dow Jones Index, Nikkei position, SGX nifty values etc, before you start trading.

Hi AstroGuru, no I don’t do any study before market hours, simple reason is that I can’t do anything about it. If I am long in Nifty and next day before market I realise that SGX Nifty is say 2% down, what is it that I can do? Can I exit my long position when market is closed? I used to do all this extra analysis, now cut off everythinig. Only 2 charts I follow, Nifty and BN. Nothing else. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

So you dont enter positions during the start of the session based on global cues. Ok got it. Thanks

No AstroGuru, I enter maybe 2-3 mins after market open i.e. after the volatility has settled.

Whatever that gets discussed in tradingqna forum is getting implemented at heckyl technologies.
one step ahead of Zerodha!

Zerodha is doing a great job as a broker and phenominal in what they do, and as a primary job they giving us access to market, low commission and faster experiance and now adding differentiation too. We should not forget they are not an analytical company, so as to compare Heckyl being a product and analytical compay will always be better in creating tool and proving analytics as compared to any broker in the market. So I would say heckyl is an amazing company in data analysis and Zerodha is a amazing broker in respective field.

well said/…I too am in complete awe of Zerodha

Can you share the excel sheet which will help others?

I got a few private msgs requesting the Excel sheet. But its a complex one and I cant share the full version. But certainly I am preparing a Lite version in which I will be giving some base for your trading…
The Lite version is ready…But no way to attach it here…I have given it in
It will show you EMA, SMA, Williams %R indicator, Fibo Pivot, resistance, support levels etc. Send me a PM if you have any doubt…