Currency options for gbpinr, eurinr & jpyinr

Hi. Can you please add currency option trading for GBPINR, EURINR & JPYINR currency pairs in @Zerodha and @Sensibull? That would be great. Thanks for your time. Regards.

Option contracts for these Currency pairs are available for trading. To add these to your watchlist search for < Symbol > (GBPINR, EURINR, JPYINR) < Strike Price >.

Hi, thanks for your answer. The option is available but there is no link like USDINR to open the Option Chain in @Sensibull and doing the analysis and applying a strategy or reading the Option Greeks or other analytical data. Please guide me.

they dont have even finnifty. the only reason might be the liquidity issue.
i have tried trading them and when the position moves against you, it is an absolute nightmare to get out of them.
that might be the reason for not having them, as some of doesnt care about bid ask spreads and trade them anyway and get loss.


Hi, they have “bid offer” option in @Sensibull in the setting menu in the option chain page. It’s disabled by default. One can enable it from the drop-down setting menu.

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Boss u can find option chain of $ in sensibul i trade everyday in dollar using sensibul , check properly

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