Currency options monthly contract

Currency options monthly contract. Most preferably USDINR options monthly contract which will expire on 28th(Tuesday) of this month.

Suppose, I have 2 legs of short trade in currency options monthly contract from 1st September 21.

Q1.) Now ,on 28th of September, on expiry date, will I have to manually square off the positions?

Q2.) Or will it get auto squared off on expiry date & time?


This is totally up to you, if you wish to let the positions expire you can do so, or manually square-off it as well. On expiry day the contracts will expire at 12:30 PM.

Also, if the positions expire OTM they will expire worthless, and if it expires ITM, it will be settled according to the RBI Reference rate for that day.

You can check the reference rate on the NSE website:

If I let it expire on its own then will my profits(if any) be eroded anyhow?
Or will it be credited to my trading account

Currency contracts are cash settled. So no worries!

when u short that on sep1 , next day u get that premium in ur account.
while expire if ur strike is OTM, then collected premium is urs…/