Currency war and trade war

What is the difference between trade war and currency war

How any country can win trade war and currency war

Which sectors will be affected by trade war and currency war

Which sectors will get benefit due to trade war and currency war??

One will be the result of the other. A currency war is when countries devaluate their currency to get a competitive advantage. What this does is this makes the exports cheaper giving them an upper hand.

Trade wars are when countries impose tariffs on the goods and services of the other nation and they retaliate.

These are not WWE matches. :). Winning and losing are relative terms. When countries are embroiled in trade or currency wars, there is a lot of economic damage caused to both nations.

Any good or a service that a country exports will take a hit and is country specific. For example

After months of rhetoric, a 25 percent levy on $34 billion of Chinese goods entering the U.S. took effect just after midnight Washington time on Friday with farming plows and airplane parts among the products targeted. China hit back immediately via duties on U.S. shipments including soybeans and automobiles. - BW

Country specific.

If you are really interested in understanding how a trade war works, suggest you listen to this podcast (All episode)

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