Current A/c vs Savings A/c

Which account full time F&O traders prefer and why? Some experience and insights will be really appreciated. First i was prefering current as i wanted to trade as a private company but i realised there isn’t much benefit compared to individual account and its kind of gray area. So asking this now

It doesn’t even matter as your money will be with your broker not in your bank account.

Money will be transferred back into your bank account once every 3 months

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In the future as UPI block facility will be implemented by brokers, savings accounts would be the ideal choice. But on a side note, I don’t think so they keep cash besides for the need of everyday life, I think they would invest and pledge for margin. But yeah, once UPI block facility is implemented, savings accounts will make sense. Right now you can choose either, whatever works for you.

What is UPI block facility?

It’s a new mechanism where funds would reside in traders’ bank accounts but would be blocked in favor of the clearing corporations. The trader can decide what amount he wishes to block, that amount would become available in their trading accounts. This facility is supposed to be available by January, '24.

The trader would continue to earn interest from banks while being able to trade as well.

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Thankyou for the information, yeah i mean i trade in futures so i have to maintain cash margin for m2m settlements, so that is not much issue, i was asking has anyone faced any problem while trading from a savings account or can there be a issue

I’m not aware of any differences between a savings account and current account except for the interest paid and the free services and their costs (outside freezone). I don’t think so there can be any problems by the type of account. But I’m only talking theoreticals so I might be wrong.