Current market conditions and trading

is market difficult to trade since last 2 weeks ?

If you are new to the market, Yes, it might be difficult to trade such markets. But if you have been in the markets for a while, you must have already got an hold of how to navigate such tides with ease.

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currently market is sideways and no real trending. so these times are tough for option buyers. option sellers laughing in the corner i know.


Yea ! I been facing this problem as well. As I am an option buyer and we’re not getting a good momentum in the market. As of now it’s also a good sign for the market that it’s consolidating and getting a high to go up with a good momentum. If you’re a buyer then just wait and watch for the perfect moment to pounce lol.

The market always bounces back if it goes through a downtrend, so be patient and wait until you spot the right time to make an entry or sell. Get ready!