Cycle time for pledging

Hi @nithin sir

Wanted to know whether Zerodha is working on to reduce the cycle time of pledge/unpledge of shares and mutual.

Since some broker in the industries - pledge and unpledge cycle time is around 15 mins.


@MohammedFaisal ?

Sorry, this thread got missed, updating our efforts on the time for pledging and unpledging.

Pledging- We are migrating our system to an instant API offered by the depository. This will ensure you can authorise the pledge immediately unlike today where you have to wait till 4 PM to authorise and might miss authorising. This will ensure that you receive collateral margin on the next trading day for all pledges made before 6 PM. This should be ready in the next 2 weeks.

Unpledging- We already allow unpledge and sale of securities for all non-cash equivalent securities, we are working on allowing unpledge and sale of cash equivalent securities soon. I will share an ETA on this soon.