Daily candlestick chart overlaid on the Weekly price chart ( Opposite of Normal overlaid) doesn't work

 weekly candlestick chart overlaid on line daily price chart

1.  Open your Daily Chart .

2.   Use Code: 

wo = TimeFrameGetPrice( "O", inWeekly, 0, expandPoint ); 
wh = TimeFrameGetPrice( "H", inWeekly, 0, expandPoint ); 
wl = TimeFrameGetPrice( "L", inWeekly, 0, expandPoint ); 
wc = TimeFrameGetPrice( "C", inWeekly, 0, expandPoint ); 

PlotOHLC( wo, wh, wl, wc, "Weekly Close", colorWhite, styleCandle ); 
Plot( Close, "Daily Close", colorBlue ); 

It overlay  Weekly chart on Daily 



If you want to overlay  Daily Timeframe Chart on Weekly Chart .. (Lower timeframe on higher timeframe )

What Code will you use it ?? 

1. Open Weekly timeframe 

2.  Use 

ddo = TimeFrameGetPrice( "O", inDaily, 0, expandPoint ); 
dh = TimeFrameGetPrice( "H", inDaily, 0, expandPoint ); 
dl = TimeFrameGetPrice( "L", inDaily, 0, expandPoint ); 
dc = TimeFrameGetPrice( "C", inDaily, 0, expandPoint ); 

PlotOHLC( ddo, dh, dl, dc, "Daily Close", colorWhite, styleCandle ); 
Plot( Close, "Daily Close", colorBlue ); 

It won't work.

If you would like to answer after understanding question, Keep post code.


In amibroker there is a option called overlay by default by using this option you can plot or overlay two different charts or different time frames on the same chart, check the below given screenshot