Daily charts on Pi

When I tried to view daily charts during trading hours, Pi crashed. I tried this several times and every time Pi crashed after opening daily charts. I tried opening with only 10 candles so data only for 10 days.

I have not tried opening daily charts after trading hours.

Does Pi have the ability for daily charts?

Yes Daily charts work. Currently, the present day candle doesn’t update on the daily charts until end of day, but this will be fixed by the next release which will be soon.

hii Nitin

can you help how to scan for scripts on alerts>scanner on pi for periodicity daily since its not available it shows only minute and hourly but in back test it shows all types hour/daily/weekly/monthly

Kindly help since I am interested to scan on daily basis


Rohit khanna

Rohit, Pi is no longer under development. You can try Streak Scanner.