Daily Financial Literacy Quiz

No i think the bond one.
Boss dont worry much, I am not a smart person. I am like below average one.

try this

EPS is 7.5

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This will be a tough question


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Option 3 :crossed_fingers:

no its option2

the reasoning is: only interest bearing instruments have default risk.

the risk on equity is not called as default risk

@viswaram suggested that it would be good to have questions related to finance on a daily basis.

Here’s my first one:


  • A: FA
  • B: TA
  • C: Random walk analysis
  • D: Value analysis

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is poll option available per post? if yes it will be a good idea. and many people can participate


Makes sense. We have to manually post it. Can be done N number of times. No restriction I guess.


A trader sells a lower strike price CE option and buys a higher strike CE option from the same option chain. This strategy is called as?

  • Bearish Spread
  • Bullish Spread
  • Long Term Investment
  • Butterfly

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27th May question

The bond prices & Interest rates usually move in _____________

  • Opposite Direction
  • Same Direction
  • No correlation b/w bond prices & interest

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29th May question

The nav of a mutual fund becomes Rs27 from Rs16 in 2 years. What is the compounded rate of return?

  • 21.58%
  • 26.41%
  • 29.88%
  • 31.85%

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Which of the following measure is adopted to reduce inflation?

  • Reduction in bank rates
  • Reduction in Repo rate
  • Reduction in govt spending
  • Increase in govt spending

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the currency is depreciating faster than bank interest rates.


29.88% is the correct answer

investments are earning less than inflation is the correct answer.

currency depreciating faster will not directly influence the ROI for investors in the same country. Our currency has been depreciating almost 2x as our interest rate vs USD. Still our equity returns is at the top.

For FPIs, FIIs it will be a problem though

wrong! the correct answer is 29.90%.

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30th May question

A stock which has a low ________ may be judged as a undervalued or cheap stock

  • EPS
  • Current Ratio
  • Beta
  • P/E ratio

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