Daily Financial Literacy Quiz

Just about 30-40% of Indians are financially literate and the result is most Indians make sub-par financial decisions. People with poor financial literacy often are the victims of financial fraud, borrow at extremely high interest rates, invest in terrible financial products like endowment insurance policies, and forego better returns on their money.

  • Just having a basic understanding of personal finance can go a long way in helping you make better financial decisions. So, how well do you know fundamental concepts of personal finance? Take this quiz and find out.

This test was created by Professor Annamaria Lusardi for the The Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC)


happy ?

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I only got 80 marks. I failed.

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I thought this will be more exhaustive and will need me to exert a bit. But it wasn’t. Also I am a perpetual student and wouldn’t see myself as perfectly knowledgeable in the domain of finance inspite of the score.

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80 is not bad. Besides


Lets up the ante

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I’m weak at maths hence used a calculator, and I’m getting 2,25,000 as the answer.

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For MV=mkt value, and BV=Book value,

if MV > BV then drive MV < BV from the Hindenburg drama…

therefore, net worth will always be the least of MV and BV :rofl: and possibly root of the least

Aah the extra info to confuse us all.

Guessing everyone is getting different questions, but still most of the questions are kind of lame.

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Basics. Hence lame for experts/ intermediaries. :smile:

Someone who is just into markets and trying to figure out personal finance would find it not so easy.
.Hope Zerodha comes up with more content like this @ShubhS9 @Meher_Smaran

Today’s question


The investments aee earning less than the inflation rate

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Option number 2 lock please

seems like the questions are pretty easy, lets try a bit tougher one then

Okay i am hurt now. Because i answer, you say questions are easy why boss why.

This question is out of syllabus for me.

Lock option number 3 please
Am i right or am i right!

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You are going against your words by asking two questions in a single day :rofl: :rofl:

To make us come back to thread everyday you are adviced to post only one question per day.

and lock option 3 for the latest question asked.

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Number 2 :crossed_fingers:

tell me what question you went wrong in the original questionnaire ?

the 15yr & 20yr loan one??

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