Daily OHLC data for last 1 month

Hi guys,

I need Daily OHLC data for last 1 month for all NSE50 stocks or all EQ segment stocks in a excel or csv format.
Where can i get it?

I checked in NSE website but could not find. nor does the bhaavcopy provides it.

Please help.

Note: However, on NSE scrip wise i can get daily OHLC for 1 month.

Bhav Copy has the daily OHLC!

Like you said, on the NSE website, the bhavcopy historical data is available for all NSE stocks and not specific to Nifty50 stocks only.

Link to archive of historical reports.

You might have to figure a way to filter out the Nifty 50 stocks from the list and then extract that data only.

Thanks but i am looking for Last 1 month’s data for everyday (30 days) …

Thanks Srinivas. Yes i can filter out for specif stocks but what i need is: OHLC for Last 1 month for everyday (30days) …