Daily Strategy Cycle doesn't seem to work in Streak. Help

hi @Streak

this is my very first post about your platform, recently purchased your subscription using the Independence day offer.

i have used your platform since last week, but i quite didn’t understand the Daily Strategy Cycle part. I have put 5 as daily strategy cycle, but it doest seem to work that way, my trades are stopped after the initial trade, it doesn’t look for more trades.

plz make me understand about this.


it’s best to not use streak.

it’s designed to make you trade to generate brokerage.

I wouldn’t say that. I know some guys who are generating some very good returns with Streak. And I myself was also able to generate some decent figures in the last quarter excluding brokerage (Not here to Brag :sweat_smile:)

It’s just that you have to find the right strategy…which I will agree needs some efforts.


hello @KoSh

Please note that the “Daily Strategy Cycle” found in the backtest parameters will only be considered while running the backtest and will not impact the live/paper trades. If you want to deploy a paper trade with “Strategy Cycle” as 5, then you will have to assign the same in the pre-deployment window as shown in the image below:


You can check the Deployment Strategy Cycle details for active positions using the steps given below:

To learn more about Daily Strategy Cycle, refer to the link below:

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How much you are earning in streak as of now?

Or will you say that it stopped giving?

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Thanks for a quick reply @Hitesh_Streak

I have just started using it from last quarter and it’s working fine since. Am not comfortable sharing the returns and it’s too early for that any ways.

I won’t eat it.

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