Daily trade reports not coming via email

I am not getting daily trading reports in my email. According to Zerodha support they say that they have been sending, but when I asked them to resend it they are unable to send it.

Now they say that I am using an email id that is not gmail or hotmail. They say they cannot send it to it…Is this a problem faced by you?

I am also unable to download the daily trade report and calculate the brokerage per trade from Q-Backoffice.

Who will help to get this fixed?

You receive a daily combined contract note which displays all the trades executed by you across various exchanges along with the total charges associated with all your trades.

Ideally, you should be receiving your daily contract note if you are executing trades.

Please write to [email protected] with your query and we’ll have all the contract notes emailed to you and also fix any associated problem if it exists.