Dark Mode Text Display Issue in Kite Web

Dear Zerodha Team, @Meher_Smaran @ShubhS9

  1. Over the past few days, I have observed that certain text elements ( ‘Trades’ & ‘Days History’) are displaying in black instead of white in Dark Mode, particularly under the “Orders” and “Positions” tabs.

  1. Also I’ve noticed that certain pop-up elements (sold-holdings message, Buy,Sell, Market Depth, Chart, Delete, More of 1st script in watchlist) are getting partially hidden behind padding or other interface elements. This has been causing inconvenience while accessing specific features on the platform.

Screenshot 2024-01-02 144950

Your prompt attention to this matter is highly appreciated. I look forward to hearing back from you with any updates or solutions.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards

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Hi @Champion_Trader

Checking this with team.

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  1. This will be fixed in a week or two.
  2. This has already been reported and will be fixed soon.
  3. The tooltip on Marketwatch was displayed behind the search bar, which may take some time to fix. As a temporary solution, the tooltip has been removed for the first scrip. The tooltip displays for all other scrips, so the user should be aware of the button.
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Thank you @Arockiya_Raja for your assistance. I’m looking forward to a resolution.

@Meher_Smaran, Why was this topic unlisted?

Hey @Champion_Trader

We sometimes unlist some topics when team looks into the matter and relist it back later.

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Ok :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
Thank you @Meher_Smaran for your assistance