Data traded value sms


I get this SMS everyday:
Dear xxxx,Your traded value for 26-JUL-17 CM Rs XXX.xx Check your registered email. For details contact broker.

What’s CM here?
What all is included in the amount?
Could margin used & net profit/loss also are good to be included?

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Hey @Ankit_Ek,

This is sent by the exchange. CM here means Cash Market.
This includes both the total of both Buy & Sell trades.
No, the margin used and P&L cannot included in this sms.
Refer this FAQ: for more details.

Like in todays sms it says the last traded value is 5lakhs , what does it mean? I never invested that much. So what this 5 lakh mean here?

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What is the reason that they send this amount which is a total of both but and sell? Could you please provide more information about that?

Plz tell me it’s meaning

Hello there I just received sms from nsetra- Dear xxxxx Your traded value for 06-MAY-20 CM Rs 383.15 FO Rs 756900 Check your registered email. For details contact broker.

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Those are your transaction details for today on NSE, exchanges send those details, verify if they are right or not, if not contact your broker ASAP.

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Need not to worry, it’s just ur traded value it won’t affect you , income tax won’t raid , you can see in contract note which you get end of the day.
Ex:-I have 10000rs but I used 6500rs for intraday
Intraday:- Infosys(10x margin) CMP(650RS)
BUY 100 quantity at 650rs=65000rs
Sell 100 quantity at 660rs=66000rs
Total traded value:-131000rs.
This is how you get message.
Hope it clarify your doubt.

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Thanks. This is clear.

Trading with Margin doesn’t mean I have to pay this amount r8?

I keep getting an sms every few days from vk-nsetra
Dear AGSXXXXX0L,Your traded value for 08-OCT-21 FO Rs xxxxxx Check your registered email. For details contact broker -National Stock Exchange.

I assumed it was messages regarding my trading account in groww or upstoxx. today I happened to read the message and I realised that the amounts mentioned are way too big two amounts showed 20+ lakhs each. I don’t have anything of even close to that value. Is my PAN being misused. How can I check how many dmat accounts are linked to my PAN and from which brokers and the registered emails associated with those DMAT linked to my PAN. I will get screwed in tax unnecessarily.

NSE sends an email everyday with the list of trades against your PAN across all brokers. If there’s any discrepancy, then you need to take action.

Suyash, how do I take action? How can I find out more about the sms received and details of the transactions in the sms

Check your email. NSE sends an email with the list of trades taken across all brokers for your PAN.

Your Trading Turnover is different than the Traded value. Trade Value is simply the sum of buy value and sells value of the trading transactions. Turnover is the value of Absolute profit. Absolute profit means the sum of the absolute value of profit or loss.​

For further clarifications on your transactions, you can refer to the contract notes and your ledger.