Day Trade setups


Experts please update your trade setups daily with supporting technicals so that other traders can learn from experts.if possible please update before market open.


I think your idea will not benefit you.

Invest time in trading system making and trading psychology improvement.

I am suggesting a trading system to you. If you impressed give it a try.

Follow Simple EMA cross over of 10 and 40 in 5 minutes chart with price pivots breaching. Works good with Crude. If you follow this strategy in crude oil with 100 barrels for 1 lac capital with around 25 % drawdown you can earn upto 70 - 100 % returns per year.

Need Crude Oli strategy which can give at least 3 to 5 points
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where to keep ST and TP?


I will not keep any target but will close by end of the day.

I place stop @ EMA 40 +/- 20 ticks in Crude Oil and Trail the stop.

As per my past results I am getting 40 % success rate with 1:2 risk reward ratio.

Few more points I follow are

  • Will take positions only after 13:00 and will not take fresh positions after 21:00 and I will close positions @ 23:00.

  • I will not take new positions 1 hour before inventory report and after inventory report ( If I have already position will hold with Stop ).


what timeframe do u trade on?


5 minutes timeframe


Initially you can try Crude Mini contract , compared to reward , risk is less and also Span margin is very less , you can carry forward your position for multiple days, Normally i trade crude after 6PM