Day Trading charges

Hello All,

I am newbie here. I have a very dumb question for you.

Suppose I bought ONE share of Rs.5/- and at the end of day I sold that ONE share at Rs.5/-.

In this day trading (Buy and sell) brokerage will be Rs.40/- or Rs.20/-?

Following is the reply from Zerodha:-

"Kindly note,

Please note,we charge 0.01% or Rs.20 per executed order for all the segments only for equity delivery it is Zero,it means we charge only 0.01 paisa per day brokerage as we can't show zero brokerage in contract note as per the exchange rule.

You can check here the brokerage charges and other charges.

For further query call us on 080-40402020 so that we could resolve the issue."

So I still not understand it. Can you please give me simple figures for day brokerage (includes buy and sell scrip to one day.)? and not in percentage %.

Please provide me exact figures.

Think that I am dumb to understand maths.

The above example considers as an intraday trading (i,e MIS-margin intraday square off).still confused don't worry. I will explain in simple terms.

  • If you bought shares today & sold it today,trade consider as intraday(MIS)
  • If you bought shares today & sold on a future date then it is considered as delivery based trade.
  •  zerodha charge zero brokerage for delivery based trades.
  • For equity intraday zerodha charges 0.01% on turnover or rupees 20/executed order which ever is coming to brokerage calculation taking your example, you have bought 1 share at 5 rupees & sold at 5 your turnover will be 10 rupees. the brokerage will be calculated based turnover you this case ( 0.01* 10 rupees/100)=0.001 rupees. which is lower than 20 rupees so brokerage will be 0.001 rupees.
  • In simple terms up to 2lakh rupees turnover brokerage varies from 0 to 19.99 rupees.if your turnover exceeds more than 2 lakh then brokerage will be flat 20 rupees for equity segment.
  • use this brokerage calculator tool gives all the charges applied for trade.

Thanks Prashant. Sounds I am learning something!
About you answer, I understand all of it. It means in a day, buy and sell activity is a “Executed Order”.
Again in my dumb words, suppose I buy Rs. 2L scrips and sold Rs. 2L same scrip which was bought, brokerage will be charged Approx. Rs. 20/- Right?
Thanks for concerning me.

No brokerage will be 40 rupees because brokerage will be calculated based on turnover /executed in the above example, there is two executed orders,so brokerage will be 40 rupees.

Which means Rs 20 for buying and Rs 20 for selling!
Kindly eleborate if No!

Brokerage is 0.03% of the turnover or Rs. 20 whichever is lower. Brokerage is charged on both Buy and Sell orders.