Days 1 st candle of 5 min bullish Condition in Streak

Hello Everyone
I am new to the Streak …i am creating one scanner where 1st condition is days first candle of 5 min should be bullish (close is greater than open). how can i state this condition .in streak.

@Streak can you.

not getting your point

Tagged Streak, so they can help you with this :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Shankar_Salunkhe,

You can use this condition

Opening Range (Close, 5min) higher than Opening Range (Close, 5min)



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but i cannot use 5min opening range in daily time frame
any way around this ?

Hi @dr.azygos
You Opening Range timeframe should be larger or equal to the strategy base timeframe. So you can use a 5min opening range with 1min and 5 min strategy base timeframe. A 15min range can be used with a 1,3, 5 and 15 min base timeframe but not with 30min or 1hr.

A 5min range cannot be used with a 3min timeframe because a 5min candle cannot be created from 3min candles. Two 3min candles creates a 6min candle.