Dear SEBI, Reduce market lot sizes

Kindly check this petition:


Good initiative! I hope more people will sign this…

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Is this site is Authentic ??

Yes is authentic

Asking SEBI to reduce lot size for F&O is akin to asking your mom to allow you to watch porn; it just won’t happen :slight_smile:


‘Sarkari babus’" never hear grievance of underprivileged , normally they respond to 3 piece suit-wala’s , and SEBI never hear small traders, small traders voices are listened , only if people at top level notices , so i think posting /discussing Derivative lot sizes & its problems for retail traders at forums like at will help and here is the link for that

In all likelihood I don’t think market lots will be reduced . Basically nifty futures contact was of of 50 quantity earlier along with option of mini nifty contact of 20 volume .subsiquently mini nifty got phased out and some years back nifty lot size was increased to 75 . I remember a decade back bank nifty contract was of 25 banknifty afterwards lot size enhanced to 30 and then two year back to 40 .
Why would government will to reduce contract size which would directly effect in collections of transaction charges . Don’t forget government has also implemented long term capital gain that too without indexing.

Bro, Ask for Lot Size to be equivalent to 1Unit but with increase in Margin to 50%, u might get it :wink:

Smoke karne keliye, Cigarette nahi tho Beedi se kaam chalaa lengi, but with a Filter!!!:laughing: