Debit Card needed for UPI resistration

Do I need to have a debit card for making a UPI account and to generate UPI ID?
I’ve SBI bank account but don’t carry any debit card so is it possible for me to have UPI ID?
Can I use SBI YONO or Phone pe instead of SBI pay (In order to save transaction charges)

1.) You dont need a debit card.
2.) You can use the sbi upi app to generate a upi id or can also use phonepe, tez, paytm upi to generate a upi id.
3.) The upi id must be created for an account that is linked to zerodha. For eg: If your zerodha account is linked to sbi bank account, then you need to create a upi linked to SBI account only to use with zerodha. Hope this helps!

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For initial registration with UPI, you may need to enter debit card details to verify your account. Once done you do not need debit card details for making UPI payment.

@nithin could u plz clear my doubts?
I’m not getting SBI pay option in my play store. Is it possible to download any other UPI and register with SBI account?