Debt funds through coin

  1. what are the good startegies to invest surplus money in debt funds through coin?
  2. What are the charges in coin?
  3. Say I invest 1 lakh for a week in a reliance liquid fund and withdraw all the money after a week. What are all the charges, fees, hidden costs, brokerages, charges that show up in some place and not in some other place and charges that show up after week/month phooo !!! etc ?

Just park your free money. What other strategy do you want.

They have a website dude!

No brokerage. DP charge of Rs.5.5 on redemption. Subscription fee of Rs.50 Pm if your total investments cross 25K.

Thanks for your reply @RahulKhanna.

which debt funds do you use? Do you leave them in the same fund for all the days ? Partial withdrawal possible?

i know that . But, that doesn’t always help based on my experience with Zerodha.

If I invest say 25K and then withdraw all of it so no more funds are invested.Will I still be charged 50 PM every month even though I have zero investments?


My god! The complaints never stop. You say this for Zerodha then can’t image what you would say about ICICI.

You just have to deactivate your subscription and you won’t be charged.

Agree with you about ICICI. But, customer is always right. Just because ICICI is very bad, that doesn’t mean every one else who is less bad should be considered best !

Deactivate which subscription? How do we do that ? Sorry I am still trying to learn.

Like hell they are. It is this sense of entitlement that leads to people asking questions much unlike yours and make absurd insinuations, no offence intended. I am customer and I don’t operate with this notion in my mind. Just because I am a client doesn’t meant the business has to cater my every absurd whim and fancy. I’ve met several customers and some of them are, let’s say dim bulbs. You can call me biased, or whatever but very few financial service providers in India can match the service and transparency offered by Zerodha. It’s an open bet if you can prove me wrong.