Debt MF Platform

Any platforms focused on Debt Mutual Funds like which compares duration, Yields etc. Most of the sites I see are comparing past returns which is not a good idea to use for debt funds

Can someone provide suggestions for low expense debt funds. Not liquid funds becoz the returns are too low they get invested into commercial paper. I am looking for something that invests in TBills but low TER. TER adjusted 6-6.5 is fine with me.


Interest rates change, and so do the fund returns, so no such return is guaranteed. One way to gain when the interest rates move up and lose less when the interest rates move down is to invest in MM or UST funds.

I get that thats why asking for a platform that can provide those details of a debt fund. and currently Tbills are running at 6.-7 thats exactly what I am looking forward to… I am fine with TBIlls return but without the taxation hassle.

Did you try Value Research?

They give the PF details of debt funds along with the bonds’ interest rate.

No Thanks will check it out… I am looking for effective interest rates and time & interest duration metrics.

Fund Selector - Portfolio | Value Research (

Try this. I’ve added filters for Overnight, Liquid and Money Market funds.

You can go on the portfolio tab and study the YTMs.

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This is great thanks. especially the YTM

You could also refer to this sheet for indicative yields - Statistics - Tenor-wise Indicative Yields (

Check this site , more options to select by Categories, AMC , AUM , TER , returns with sorting options .

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I clearly mentioned past returns are not useful in debt funds and so looking for some platform that shows yeilds and duration metrics.

valueresearch was decent.