Decarbonization: The long view, trends and transience, net zero

Nathaniel Bullard is BloombergNEF’s Chief Content Officer writing regularly on Green energy, transport, technology, climate and finance.

He regularly shares interesting insights and charts on his website. In this annual report, he has shared a 140+ page presentation covering the state of climate and decarbonization: how we got to now, where we are going, what’s new, and how to think about what’s next

Here are some of the interesting charts from the presentation:

Global conditions

Indications of change

Money flow in the energy sectors

Power is dynamic

Motorization means electrification

Part 2


Whatever we do we will have to leave a footprint on earth. That’s how the world has been created. So if we want to save the world or keep it running for longer then we have to take this message into our heart.