Deduction under section 48 of 111A in ITR 2

Expenditure wholly and exclusively in connection with transfer.
Zerodha provides PNL sheet at the top I got charges (Integrated GST, SEBI turnover fees, Exchange transaction, Security transaction, stamp duty, Brokeraze) and other charges ( Other credits and debits). May i consider charges and other charges as expenditure? Can this be claimed as deduction? Thank you.

Expenditure wholly and exclusively in connection with transfer

SEBI Turnover Fees - Z
Brokerage -
Exchange Transaction Charges - Z
Integrated GST - Z
Stamp Duty - Z

Can we claim all these as expenditures in ITR2? can we claim STT also as expenditure?

I doubt STT can be claimed under expense

@rifadm817 @nyadav @ddt2022 ,

STT won"t and should not be claim if your capital gain is due to stock-in-investment but you can claim STT where you treat it like stock-in-trade ,also stock-in-trade can be used as business income . Only condition is that you trade it frequently, CBDT has cleared this.

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