Default exchange in holdings

I request you to change the default exchange in holdings to NSE as was done earlier. Kindly note that every day we can not add the script in market watch to sell in NSE if the default exchange is BSE. This has created a lot of inconvenience to us. Please do bring this to the notice of your higher ups. Please note that volume in BSE is very less compared to NSE. I hope you will change the system. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, Karkala Ganesh Bhat


Yes please. I suffered a big loss yesterday by selling my holdings at market price in BSE which has low volumes. You should at least give people the option to set their preferred exchange.

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@Bhuvan This is very much needed. There should be an option in kite settings where one can choose bse/nse as default exchange for holdings view.

There are some stocks which are only listed in a single exchange and irrespective of user settings, these should be listed from applicable exchange in holdings view.

Personally, I’d like nse as default with some bse only scrips which should be listed from bse in holdings view.

I know this is a real old topic, but the issue seems to persist till date… Yes, it’s very much inconvenient.

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Can this be done by a support ticket for the time being ?

Is this “feature” implemented because Zerodha has a 4.41% stake in BSE? If so, Zerodha is the only party benefiting from this feature. That also explains why Zerodha is the only broker offering this unusual feature by conveniently citing some obscure SEBI regulation.

Clearly the previous day’s closing price has no impact on which exchange will have the higher live price on the next day. Even if BSE has the higher live price the next day, the chances of execution of your limit order on BSE at that price is very thin due to the low liquidity. Also, if you execute a market order on BSE (and I’m not talking about 1 or 2 shares), it will almost certainly get filled at a price much farther from LTP due to the large gaps in market depth.