Delisting RBB bids at Zerodha posted only on the last day!

Reverse Book Building (RBB) for Vedanta limited is underway from Oct 5 to Oct 9th.
Now I find that bids submitted through Zerodha console is not submitted to the exchange in real time (not even at end of day), but will be submitted in bulk on the last day.
This is disappointing, as I feel the promoter is trying to manipulate the delisting. Higher bids submitted by retail investors through Zerodha would have boosted the morale of investors participating in RBB.
Also there are some other issues:

  • Only one bid can be submitted
  • Bid cannot be revised
  • Bid cannot be submitted on the last day of RBB

@nithin - Why Zerodha does not have have an option to submit realtime RBB bids or at least submit bids hourly or daily?
Please look into the issue

Please reply, any zerodha staff