W H BRADY & co LTD ltd which announced delisting attempt has withdrawn from the process that too when even the postal ballot has been approved by shareholders. first ever case in history of d listing .

D listings this year have turned a nightmare for investors. failure of Inoes strylotion , Vedanta , Brady & Morrison… First ever case of withdrawal by WH Brady …Regulatory issues with Prabhat dairy , Adani power and now sort of warning letter by Xchanging solution !

This stock is illiquid and very less quantities …can we invest? How much promoter holding? How is management quality?

this promoter took an unprecedented step of withdrawing from d listing after few weeks of postal ballot approval …how such things are permitted by regulator…d listing or buyback news jack up the market price and later at sweet will of promoters , it is withdrawn ? Thomas cook withdrew Buyback few months after approval !