Delivery based Question

When am taking delivery of shares , it takes T+2 days (Transaction + two days) to come into my demat account.

Say, if i take delivery on monday idely the shares should deliver on wednesday. My question is , if i am taking delivery on monday can i sell it on tuesday itself . Is it possible ?


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Yes, you can sell it on Tuesday. But this facility should be enabled from Broker. Generally it is called BTST (Buy today and sell tomorrow).

Remember there is always risk involved in selling the shares which are not completely delivered to your demat account. That is Auction penality, in case of bad delivery the sahres which should to be delivered on T+2 day can be delivered by exchange on T+3 day under auction settlement, in case shares are settled in bad delivery you have to bear auction penality since you are selling shares before delivery.

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Yes, it is possible you can sell your shares on T+1 (NEXT DAY). This is called BTST/ATST which stands for Buy Today / Sell Tomorrow or Acquire Today / Sell Tomorrow.  This is a facility offered by most of the stock brokers in India (including Zerodha) where you can buy stock today and sell it tomorrow before you get the delivery of the shares. Using this facility has its own merits and demerits and you will need to understand the equity settlement cycle before we go ahead with the topic.

To know more about this click here - BTST ( one of the best blogs on BTST)

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oh thanks , appreciate your work Mr Shiva

I had the same doubt and still need to clarify it with experts so I don’t suffer unnecessary losses