Demand paid but status pending

@Quicko need help in below issue.

Ay 2020-2021

I received outstanding demand which i paid under minor head 400 . I submitted response with challan details ( demand agreed option)
It is also reflecting in form 26 AS.

But payment is still showing pending for past 5 months and interest is added.

How to resolve this? Grievance raised but no use.

Will rectification option help?

Hello @ksksat,

Mistakenly, tax has been paid under incorrect minor head. It should have been paid under minor head- 300 " Self Assessment Tax". In order to resolve this issue, following are the options you can opt for:

  • Raise a grievance again on Income tax portal mentioning your concern and attaching the acknowledgment of previous grievance raised by you.
  • You can also call Income Tax Department helpline, and ask for a solution and status of the grievance raised by you.
  • Visit the office of Assessing Officer of your jurisdiction and request him to correct the same. You can find the jurisdiction of your A.O by logging in to your account on e-filing portal under profile tab.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Quicko , I filed my return last December in 2020. It still shows as e-verified and has not been processed. What do I need to do?

@Quicko hi sir thanks for reply. Please note that in my case itr was processed and demand was generated. Self assessment tax is applicable while filing ITR.
Mine is ITR processed and outstanding demand found.

In this scenario tax in regular assessment 400 has to be chosen.

Please see below link. So i chose minor head 400 and paid. Kindly see below and provide your opinion

@Quicko when a itr order is passed and a demand notice gets generated it is always tax on regular assessment 400 minor head and no longer a 300 self assessment minor head. So after itr demand notice i paid under minor head 400,"Tax%20on%20Regular%20Assessment".