Demat phone number and email - same person different demat accounts

I have a demat and trading account with Zerodha and with other broker too.

In the demat profile for both these accounts, I have the same email id and phone number. Is this ok?

As per latest KYC update requirements from SEBI and CDSL, NSDL, it says:
“Separate mobile numbers and email addresses have to be provided for all Beneficial Owner (BO) account holders. However, after submitting a written declaration, BO can update the mobile number and email addresses of its family members. Family for this purpose has been defined as self, spouse, dependent parents, and dependent children.”

Am correct in assuming that this applies to different people having same mobile / email ids in their demat profiles?

Or would this apply in my case two - where I am the same individual but have two different demat accounts with different brokers? Do i need to change the number and id or is it ok to continue with common details in both demats?

Many thanks for your help!