Dematerialisation for lost shares

How do I convert physical share into demat if I don’t remember which companies shares I had bought and had lost physical shares

First u find out which company shares u bought?
Search your house for acknowledgment receipts, receiving copy, photocopies or anything related to shares.
Look for answers & try remembering which year u bought physical shares? From whom u bought? Was it an IPO ?

Think patiently n meditate upon, take deep breath & contemplate deep within your self.

Once u get to know the company’s name then the rest process is easier and we can discuss about it or you can search this forum which has already addressed to queries related to the latter part of your problem.

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You lost the shares? Okay! But how can you forget the company’s name?

you will remember the company when the dividend comes to your home.

It happened to my father also. He remembered he has shares in some companies only when dividend came to our house.

You can track all what ever you bought

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Nowadays due to sebi rule for compulsory KYC in case of physical share holding ,all companies are sending KYC document to shareholder by REGISTERED POST. so within next few days you will know what all you hold in physical form …in some cases you are getting the same for shares which have been sold by you at least a decade before during physical share era.
please note that getting a duplicate share certificate is very tedious ,time consuming and expensive process and might take few months minimum to over a year plus .