Dematerialization and rematerialization

What are the charges for dematerialization and rematerialization at Zerodha? Can any one explain with relevant examples?

Look at this pdf for rate sheet

Please send email to [email protected]. They will send a reply with detailed charges.
IL&FS (zerodha’s DP) charges the following

Annual Maintenance Rs.400
Debit charges (wheres shares are sold from your account) Rs.8+Depository Charges, (Approx Rs, 14 per scrip per day)
Dematerialization charges Rs.2 per cetificate + Rs.35 courier charges per 500 grams or lesser
SLB charges for Lending/Borrowing Rs.25 + Depository Charges,
Pledge charges 0.02% of transaction value, minimum of Rs.50+Depository Charges
Rematerialization charges Rs.25 per certificate or 0.05% of the value of transaction whichever is higher + Depository Charges
Failed/Rejected Transactions Rs.30 per transaction
Demat rejection charges Rs.35 per rejection for every 500 grams