Dena Bank is asking for ‘client Id’ for IPO- help

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to apply for an IPO via dena bank and it’s asking for my DP ID which I filled using back office (16 digits) and then it’s asking for my Client ID which I’m putting as my beneficiary ID but it rejects each time saying it’s invalid, i tried using my trading log in ID also but the same isn’t working. Please help me with identifying the Client ID. Would really appreciate it

You have disclosed some personal information in this screenshot on public forum, I will suggest you to remove this screenshot. Client ID will be most probably your beneficiary ID, but it didn’t work for me too in one previous case, so check with Bank.

@Jenis_Lunkad : CDSL: - First 8 Digits of DP(Depository ID) represent the Demat account Service Provider and other 8 digits is your Beneficiary ID(also called Client ID) which identify your Individual Demat account number.
Trading account number with a broker has nothing to do with an ipo application. even if you do not have a trading account means not registered with a broker you can apply in an ipo.

Explained towards the end of this post

Yes, I understand but sadly Dena bank is asking for 8 digit client ID which it is rejecting for me even if I put beneficiary ID or depository ID :confused:

8 digit ID (first ) as dp id and the other 8 digit as client id. please try again.

It is accepting my 16 digits DP ID. But after that it’s asking for ‘Eight digit Client ID’

DP ID can never be 16 digit but these 16 digits consist of first 8 digit as DP ID and other 8 digit as client id.
put only first 8 digit as DP ID and the remaining 8 digit as client id.