Derivative exposure based on Income tax returns for retail traders - Outcome from latest SEBI board meeting


thanks and how this will effect on us


Any list of stokes, which are going to fall under physical settlement category from immediate effect ??


Nothing immediately. They are all a few months away, need to wait for exchange clarification on this.



Will it effect Commodities derivatives too or only limited to equity derivatives ?


No info

Proposal by SEBI may get rejected too

Wait n watch


How can Sebi do this. Indian markets have a very long way to go in terms of liquidity compared to us or other foreign markets. Doing such a thing will not only create more problems for liquidity but also discourage business growth and education in india. @nithin Is there any way that sebi can hear from small retailers like us, if there is… then is there any chance they might reconsider their decision?


Good question.
Lets hope for the best.


Read this


@Som_E Thanks, i have submitted it. But will there be someone who is actually attending on the other side or?..


Let’s hope it works.

And let’s see if Nithin has any suggestions.

That also We can do.


hope it does


Yes, I had registered a grievance with PMO… This is the result ->


Mr. Ambuj Sharma (designated officer) has received my grievance but he closed it :frowning:


why should the PMO care about the small retail trading community?.

you are not donating to their party and you want something for free in this country?.


@trader_dude hey man it looks like you really want sebi to impliement their restrictions on retailers. Why do you think so? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



i dont want them to implement. But considering how naive and underfunded the retail traders are in this country, i feel its a good move.

But think here for a second, if the income of an individual is higher , he is obviously financially well off , so he can afford to risk his money in derivatives.

But can a person with low income trade in derivatives? what is his account size ?

I think they should base entry in to derivatives based on account size and not income though, that would make more sense.

I really doubt they can implement this. So why everyone is so scared. LOL.


@trader_dude ya true even your side of the story makes sense but making very stringent rules might also kill the market. We do to find the sweet spot really.


Ppl with inheritances have low personal income, but access to funds.

Ppl may retire, get some gratuity and choose to trade.

Same applies to agriculturists (and yes there are agriculturists who trade)
There are some modern agriculturists. Not everyone is illiterate and dumb.


More importantly, the point is about the freedom to choose.

Ppl also make Loss In real Estate also. (Unitech flats in NCR is a example)

So should ppl stop Owning real Estate?
No chance of that!

Such restrictions sound Meaningless, isn’t it?

Development of a individual /country comes from taking healthy risk.

Avoid excess risk is important and that can only be achieved by spreading education/awareness.

Not restriction.

Look at Indian economy before & after liberelisation.

Infants take the risk of stumbling!
(including everyone in this forum & the bureaucrats @ SEBI)
And so, they/we learn to walk.

Enough said!


@Som_E well said, :+1:


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