Derivative exposure based on Income tax returns for retail traders - Outcome from latest SEBI board meeting


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This was for derivatives as per my information. Are they now working on to put restrictions on equity intraday traders as well? @siva @nithin


The news article claims so, but nothing to hint that from SEBI.


Are these restrictions, only for individuals or also for LLP and companies?? @nithin @siva


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Crazy man. Seriously. I have no words. SEBI doesnโ€™t know anything about risk taking, entrepreneurship and ownership.


No clarification yet, SEBI yet to release circular on this.



You can choose from IVRS 1 or 4 too


Do u know somethin in detail regarding this


If such happens forex will takeover and small investors will prefer to trade ther lol, as swadesi me koi paisa nau lagayega ,nse will become chiller party ha ha


Thanks for posting those numbers.


But are these restrictions only for derivatives or also for stock intraday and,or short term stock trading?


Bekar He stockmarket ,pura bekar, lol ,more rules aur bhi bekar ha ha waste of time.


There is circuits breakers to save pplz in stocks anyway caping is shit. Lol


What about buying options only? Then the risk is limited.


If everyone is buying then who will sell?


lol :joy:


FIIS mostly sell/write optionsโ€ฆ
so SEBI wants retailers to buy options and not sell/write options so that FIIS will be able to sell options.


I think instead of getting worked up on regulatory issues. Traders must explore ways to trade in international markets, forex etc. Regulations will keep changing. It will have to rub some section on wrong side. The question is are you a survivor?