Derivative exposure based on Income tax returns for retail traders - Outcome from latest SEBI board meeting


Everybody is a survivor within themselves no question about that. But the question that comes to mind is that whether this is possible for a retail client with limited capital or not.

Cause international markets require a good amount of money to trade properly considering the risks and commissions, not to mention the legal issue that may bring up.

Last time i checked forex trading was non bailable offense. What a blasphemy !!

CFDs, ETFs, stocks are the only options that comes to mind.


@nithin prima facie this doesn’t look all that bad coz the central theme seems not to be an attempt at capping trading activities based on networth but instead to use networth to assess legitimacy… nithin, what’s your thoughts on this?


Nothing yet from SEBI. Hopefully it is on the same lines of this article.